This page is dedicated to the furry part of the family – our amazing, marvelous, softest, cutest, loveliest Tonkinese cats – Sofie and Kira.

For those of you who are not familiar with Tonkinese breed – these cats are a Burmese/Siamese cross, and they represent the best of both worlds: they are Siamese-smart and Burmese-friendly, lively and playful, as you will notice right away when you meet them.

My first Tonkinese kitten, little Sofie, was born in August of 2012 in Manassas, VA, and she spent her first three months in a tender care of Elaine Phillips, the owner of Telane Tonks:

Kira (born in January 2014) came from Wanda Martin:

The photos below were taken at Wanda’s home where the kittens were born around 6 am right on Wanda’s birthday in January 2014. I watched them grow until their “graduation” in the end of March of 2014. Enjoy the baby kitties photos!

And below is the ever growing CAT PHOTOS gallery! Well, I am a cat person, what do you expect? 🙂

Which one is which? Sofie’s tale is almost the same color as her back, and Sofie is bigger. Kira’s tail and ears are much darker than the rest of her body, and Kira is the smaller one. Enjoy!