Fantom Battalion

The future place for the story of our Group.

The first gallery is from Star Trek Chicago 2010 (to be continued)…

Here will be a story of how I ended up in San-Francisco, CA in March of 2011, and how it went…

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And so, because of Leonard Nimoy’s decision to retire from conventions in Chicago as he promised, I went right back to Chicago that same year:

As we didn’t have a Chicago convention in 2012, I used this chance to visit my closest ST convention that Creation Entertainment was holding in Cherry Hill, NJ that year. This convention was also unique to me as it was the one and only ST event attended by Val:

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Star Trek Chicago convention in 2013 with the entire TNG Panel feature was an amazing event:

My first Hunt Valley, MD Shore Leave convention happened in 2013. Before that I was a bit hesitant to go by myself but when William Shatner himself made an appearance, I figured, that’s a sign:

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Then the next Start Trek Chicago happened in 2014:

Star Trek Chicago 2015: