My backyard garden underwent several stages of development including me not realizing it is my property in the beginning – we were way too busy when we just moved in in 2003, and then hurricane Isabel came in September bringing additional issues, so the garden – well, just a backyard at the time, – stayed on a “back burner” until I finally looked outside one morning and thought to myself: “Hmm, I wonder whom this jungle belongs to?”

To my astonishment, all of that land was actually ours, and so it began…

After the steps were done in the Summer of 2007, the actual gardening finally began.

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What I didn’t know was that right underneath my garden, there lays a drainage pipe that faithfully served our beautiful community ever since 1973. Unrepaired. But I didn’t realize that until much later, although, if I were an experienced gardener, I should have learned my lesson after this happened:

But, unfortunately, I blamed this on erosion, and decided to build a retaining wall so it never happens again. MEV Outdoor Solutions did an excellent job:

And then the inevitable happened: to my horror, the epic rains of Summer-2016 busted the drain pipe underneath the garden completely, and the entire thing, along with my gorgeous retaining wall, collapsed:

Needless to say, I was devastated… Well, for a few days anyway.

My favorite contractor MEV Outdoor Solutions, whom I called right away for help, declined just blindly rebuilding the retaining wall but instead brought his snake-like camera, and diagnosed the situation: the County had to be involved as the pipe needed to be replaced before any kind of landscaping can begin…

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I called my contractor again, and they built a dry river along the lowest point of the landscape (that will be hit by rain water the most), using a special ground lining materials, the erosion net, and stones. Thank you again, Edgar and team!

And that’s where I am now: